IC-SAT100 shipped!

Setup and shipping out – the IC-SAT100 offers PTT (Push-To-Talk) simplicity over the Iridium satellite network. Still offering global communication, but unlike a traditional satphone point-to-point call, users can talk to everyone else in their talk group with just the push of a transmit (PTT) button. Find out more

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GRC proudly supporting Op Corporate 1982 (Falkland Islands campaign) veterans. We recently loaned a group of veterans an Inmarsat satphone to enable them to communicate in remote areas of the Falkland Islands, whilst on their visit, some 36 years on from the conflict. As a company that has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, we are proud and happy to support current and past members of the Armed Forces.

Best of both – Thuraya Launch launch dual-sim satphone

Thuraya has launched a dual-mode, dual-Sim phone. The Thuraya XT-Pro dual bridges the gap between satellite and terrestrial communications, allowing users to move seamlessly across terrestrial and satellite mobile coverage.

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Need to stay connected in the most remote regions in the world? Thuraya Satsleeve+ has you covered!

Whatever your reason for travelling, communication is critical. So what happens when you pull out your trusty mobile phone and see the dreaded no signal? This is where satellite phones (sat phones) deliver the answer. Unlike traditional mobile phones, which rely on a signal using local infrastructure, satellite phones receive their signal direct from satellites, allowing them to operate globally  and in the most remote regions in the world. Using a satellite phone can also allow you to take advantage of more affordable call options too, often offering better value than traditional mobile operators in many countries.

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