Satcube operating with Scytale +

Sub-zero satcom. Easy to operate and lightweight, Satcube AB on Intelsat partners perfectly with our SCYTALE+ for high-speed connectivity and increased data security in a rapidly deployable package. Available as a fully managed service, we look after the hardware, airtime, and training for hassle-free voice and data – get in touch to find out more:

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Swarm Demo

Staying frosty with prep for a new customer demo, showing the paradigmcomms Swarm Satcom Terminal on Avanti_plc and SCYTALE+, providing a rapidly deployable communications system, partnering perfectly with Scytale Tactical Cloud for true end-to-end secure voice and data.

Connect100 heading out!

Tested, configured and heading out to the customer! Another wave of paradigmcomms Connect100 SatCom Terminals on Avanti_plc airtime, paired up with our SCYTALE+ will soon be providing critical comms, VoIP, Wi-Fi and data connectivity to remote regions.

Next wave o Satcubes on Intelsat

A scurry of Satcubes – the next wave of Satcubeterminal Terminals on INTELSAT have arrived! As easy to use as a BGAN but capable of up to 20Mbps, these innovative satcom terminals and our Scytale+ Minis are heading out to provide customers with secure global connectivity

Connect100 with new iDirect 950 modem

Hands on project management in the autumn sun from Gaz! Thanks to paradigmcomms for the next wave of Connect100 Satellite Terminals on Avanti_plc with the powerful new iDirect 950 modem, paired with our Scytale+ and going out to provide secure voice and data for customers.

More Tampa Microwaves on Avanti & Inmarsat airtime!

Under 10 minutes. Secure voice and data. Done! 6 more TampaMicrowave Terminals on Avanti_plc and InmarsatGlobal airtime with Scytale+ units are ready to go. Simple setup on the Tampa, power up the Scytale and you’re online with VOIP and data from anywhere in the world!

Summer is back!

Great to have summer back and perfect for training on some world leading Satellite Terminals from TampaMicrowave and paradigmcomms as well as GRCs SCYTALE+ and SCYTALE+ (V) secure comms solutions. Thanks to all who attended for the positive feedback and glad you enjoyed it!


It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and… err, ok it’s grey and wet… but we’re all setup and ready for the #3CDSE in Malvern today! We’ve got the Tampa Microwave Manpack and Paradigm Swarm satcom terminals on show alongside our Scytale+, Lite and Mini as well as the premiere of the Scytale Tactical Cloud!


A swarm of Swarms! Tested and configured, these Paradigm Swarm45 SatCom Terminals on Avanti and GRC SCYTALE+ and V units are ready for delivery to the customer, providing deployable, high-speed, secure communications. Operating over the Swarm45, the GRC designed SCYTALE+ (Peli Case) and SCYTALE+ V (Peli Backpack), provides a secure, high-bandwidth (currently up to 15Mbps) voice and data connection, supporting the growing demand for deployed office/command and control by commercial and government sectors.

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