Scytale LITE testing

Testing with our SCYTALE Lite for a customer requirement, Thales MissionLINK operates on Iridium Certus for global coverage. Offering IP data sessions up to 700kbps (down)/352kbps (up), with a magnetic mount and IP66 rated single cable antenna, it can be fitted on most vehicles in minutes for reliable voice, text and web communications for fixed sites and users on-the-move. Contact us to find out more

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Disaster Response Satcom Delivery

Tested, configured, packed and ready to go… these Holkirk Communications QD98 satcom terminals on Avanti airtime, combine with our Scytale Lite backpacks to offer VoIP, up to 150m WiFi and secure data ports within minutes of powering on – offering a reliable, cost-effective solution for Disaster Response Teams in regions where LTE/4G networks are out of range, or compromised by flooding, or high winds.

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Satcom Demo

Sons of Satcom. GRC’s bikers providing a backdrop to today’s customer demo in Hereford, where we’ll be showing SCYTALE Lite alongside Satcube on INTELSAT – providing remote workers with a rapidly deployable high speed #satellite#internet, wifi, voip phones office in a bag!

Scytale Lite on QD98

Scytale Lite, check. Holkirk QD98 satcom terminal on Avanti_plc, check. Generator, check – good to go! Deployable, offgrid comms packages heading out to response teams operating in some of the world’s most remote regions, providing voice, data and Wi-Fi within mins of setup.

Next wave of Scytale Lite

Next wave of SCYTALE Lite’s ready to go! This “office in a bag” connects to any bearer (satcom local ISP etc), providing phones, Wi-Fi and data ports. Shipping alongside Holkirk QD98’s on Avanti_plc airtime, they’ll deliver fast, reliable connectivity where it’s needed most.

Ready for delivery

Tested, configured and ready for delivery! Voice and data connectivity in under 15 mins, these SematronUK Satellite Terminals on Avanti_plc and GRC SCYTALE Lite’s are heading out to provide rapidly deployable, voip phones and wifi to some of the worlds most remote location

Start of EMEA!

Ready for the official start of the InmarsatGlobal Inmarsat2018 EMEA event. Looks like a great turn out with a mix of new and established partners here. Looking forward to seeing what innovative new satcom products to share with our customers and where Inmarsat GX is heading

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It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and… err, ok it’s grey and wet… but we’re all setup and ready for the #3CDSE in Malvern today! We’ve got the Tampa Microwave Manpack and Paradigm Swarm satcom terminals on show alongside our Scytale+, Lite and Mini as well as the premiere of the Scytale Tactical Cloud!

SCYTALE Lite order ready

SCYTALE Lite order ready for an overseas customer! A single backpack solution providing VOIP and Wi-Fi over

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Peli Products UK use GRC Scytale as a case study

GRC’s strength lies in the good relationships it maintains with its partners and suppliers and we are proud to see that Peli Products UK have used the Scytale Lite as a case study. With the use of the Peli U100 backpack, Scytale Lite was developed to be used in demanding environments. The technology from GRC, combined with the waterproof and crushproof capabilities from Peli’s rugged backpack design, allows Scytale Lite to fulfil all requirements to provide critical communications anywhere across the globe.

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