Intelsat Closer Connections 2019

Buongiorno to all our friends and partners at the Intelsat Closer Connections event in Rome!

It’s set to be a great few days, with Satcube and Paradigm’s SWARM terminals on show and an array of presentations on media, innovation and what satcom and 5G hold for the future of communications!

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Kicking Off 2019

HappyNewYear! Kicking off 2019 with the next wave of Satcubes on INTELSAT and SCYTALE Mini+ heading out to customers. Packed in a single case, the Satcube, Scytale, VoIP phone and cables are easy to transport and offer secure voice, WiFi and data ports within minutes of setup.

Satcube on Intelsat!

First pair of Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT are here with more to follow! Folding flat for transport, these 8kg satcom terminals are the ideal partner for our SCYTALE+ Mini, offering a hard-case voice and data solution with 10 min setup and speeds up to 20Mbps via HTS satellite


The first pair of Satcube Terminals on Intelsat airtime and GRC Scytale Mini+ have been delivered! This innovative satcom terminal weighs only 8KG, will set up in <10mins, yet delivers speeds of up to 20Mbps via HTS satellite. Combined with the Scytale Mini+, this duo will provide secure, high-speed VoIP and Data communication to the most remote areas on the planet!