Tampa 1.3M&65cm testing

Little and large, with testing and config on a TAMPA MICROWAVE 1.3m and 65cm. Using the same Modems, Receiver/Transmitters, and Power Supplies across the line, makes these terminals truly versatile and allows for cost-effective, tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band. Get in touch to find out more –

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Icey Training Day

We usually try and book rain for satellite training days, but thought we’d spice it up a bit with ice this time. Students got a chance to setup and point both the Tampa Microwave and Satcube terminal along with our SCYTALE establishing secure voice and data connectivity

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Tampa Microwave 1.3m x 8!

Forget maids a-milking – behold 8 Tampa Microwave 1.3m! Built tough with a modular design for ease of transport and component replacement, they support X Ka and Ku-Band and a range of satellite modems including iDirect 950mp for enhanced performance, efficiency and security

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Green tagged Tampa

Setup prior to delivery, these Tampa satellite terminals are green tagged good to go! 1.3m Fly-Away terminals offering high efficiency, low loss connectivity and using the same Receiver/Transmitter, Modem and Power Supply Modules as the smaller 65cm or 95cm Manpacks, for full flexibility on deployments. Please contact us to find out more –

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Tampa Tuesday!

Tuesday Trio! 65, 95cm and 1.3m Tampa Microwave modular terminals utilising the same Modems Receiver/Transmitters, Power and tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band across the line for resilience and seamless network switching and iDirect 950 modems for security.

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Modular satcom for any season!

Configured and heading out, a Tampa Manpack on Avanti airtime ready to provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity. Featuring an ST Engineering iDirect 950 modem, they’re not just built tough, but also offer next-level security, ideal for defence, first responders, government and oil and gas users looking for dependable satcom. Find out more about lease or buy options –

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Guess the horror film part 1

Guess the Halloween film. Woke up feeling “sore” and found myself in a puzzling situation! Thank satcom the TampaMicrowave on Inmarsat was handy and with tool free assembly I had it built in minutes, online and booked a locksmith who offered me a cup of tea round at his…

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Demo of our new PMBS “power box” on a TampaMicrowave on Avanti_plc – With options for military and commercial battery types our PMBS offers a mobile UPS and charging solution, providing a clean stable powersupply ideal for vehicle satcom on-the-move or satellite terminals

Tampa Demo

A TampaMicrowave on Avanti_plc airtime demo in the autumn sun. Showing customers how versatile the Tampa is, with interchangeable modems, receiver/transmitter and PSU’s across allowing tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band to suit your connectivity requirements.

Rain Wind Tampa!

Rain. Wind. Tampa! Ready for high speed satellite connectivity in some of the most challenging regions in the world. Built for defence and first response the modular TampaMicrowave utilise the same modems, receiver/transmitter and PSU’s across 45, 65, 95cm and 1.3m terminals

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